Catalina As A New Recruit

I first joined the Urban Steward Club at Campbell Hall because it was my brothers club. Although, the more meetings I went to, the more I began to love this as part of my life. We were going out and helping the community while forming a community within ourselves. I was pretty excited for the Catalina trip, but mostly nervous. Was I going to make friends? What if I didn’t know how to help? What if I missed the community service? Leading up to the trip the meetings got more and more serious and focused on the trip. When we arrived on the island it was night, so my first image was in the morning. Both mornings I woke up at 6:00 so it was just me and one of my peers. We did some activities early in the morning, and then when everyone was awake we started the actual schedule. We kayaked, learned about the island, and did community service. During free time we all bonded up just like a big family. I am so glad that I went on this trip. I came home with more life experience, more friends, and a settling feeling of accomplishing community service. As a freshman I am just getting to know my high school community and who I am as a person. This trip has helped me discover that I want one of my bases to be in the Urban Stewards Club.

#catalina #servicelearning #urbanstewards

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